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Running Man Members Looking So Pretty!


Running Man Members Looking So Pretty!

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Anonymous said: Suk Jin's investment ideas are legit the most GENIUS things ever, he would actually make the best inventor

HAHA! I’m with you, anon! Those are really funny ones! And I’m sure he would make a lot of money investing on those (provided they exist)

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The Giraffe’s misunderstood position….

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Big nose hyung’s possible investments

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Ji Suk Jin’s Selca from his weibo. <3

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Ji Suk Jin and Song Ji Hyo roleplaying. They have good chemistry ~
Ep. 203

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Running Man’s 4th Anniversary

you are welcome 

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Running in 4 years: 2010.7.11 - 2014.7.11 

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Don’t you ever forget about this scene 

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